Intelligent Events

Intelligent Events

What can SenSys do for Events?

At SenSys we know that temporary events depend on the critical network infrastructure that needs to be robust and reliable throughout the event. SenSys design and deliver critical network infrastructure and intelligent technology that increase event operational efficiency and ensure safety and security throughout the event.

With SenSys intelligent network technology for the events sector we equip you with improved communications, entertainment systems, true mobility for IT systems, and security technology to reduce false liability claims and theft.

We offer advice, design and 24/7 on-site support for events to achieve intelligent technology, built on a converged network. We install your converged wired and wireless network and we implement intelligent integrated IP technology at your event.

The SenSys team are experienced and equipped to deliver any size of project with our team delivering structured cabling, fibre optics, Wi-Fi, networking for communication systems, security systems and intelligent technology integration. The SenSys team also offer the industry’s most comprehensive technical support and maintenance for events with SenSys Care.

Wi-Fi for Events

SenSys provide temporary Wi-Fi and wireless networks for events that give customers, visitors and staff robust, fast and powerful internet access and a wireless network for other services anywhere required throughout the event.

SenSys provide Wi-Fi for large sporting events, conferences, tourist attraction, concerts and shows.
Visitors expect to have fast and un-interrupted Wi-Fi access. The mobile device boom has influenced this massively, meaning that fast and reliable Wi-Fi is an absolutely necessity for your visitors and staff with a growing number of wireless devices.

Offering fast customer Wi-Fi allows you to influence your customers buying habits with direct marketing and promotions, subscribing your customers to newsletters, subscribing to social media pages and deliver direct marketing to their mobile devices.

Wireless access points are a necessity for the media, photographers, event management, local services, card payment services and temporary point of sale systems. No event requirements are the same, so the SenSys team can provide expert advice in supplying you with a Wi-Fi solution that suits your event.

Wireless Telecoms and LAN for Events

Temporary event networks are super-high capacity and mostly wireless and with the rise of ‘Internet of Things’ and smart devices that need to be connected at your event, your temporary network becomes one of the most critical services at your event.

A SenSys wireless event network is designed and engineered with products designed to provide a data backbone for event communications in the most challenging applications.

We provide all you need to stream data, control systems, video and voice across a physically disconnected network.

At SenSys we focus on delivering fibre like performances via reliable wireless high bandwidth connectivity delivering rock solid performance and low operational cost for the end user.

Our wireless products have been deployed by many factories at many events throughout Ireland and the UK to provide Ethernet extensions via point-to-point and point-to-multi point connections at bandwidth of 10, 100 and 1000 Mbps. No event requirements are the same, so the SenSys team can provide expert advice in supplying you with a wireless LAN and Telecoms solution that suits your event.

IP Digital Signage for Events

Communicate, engage and captivate your prospective customers at your events with SenSys IP digital signage.

By using a digital signage solution from SenSys at your temporary event, it allows you to communicate to your target audience in an innovative and impactful manner. Create sleek and modern advertising campaigns or information boards remotely or from anywhere on your IP converged network on-store. Digital signage software is easy to use and intuitive for you to create new advertisements, promotions, score boards, emergency announcements and information boards.

The centrally managed software allows you to create promotions and distribute to digital signage screens in all areas. No event requirements are the same, so the SenSys team can provide expert advice in supplying you with an IP digital signage that suits your event.

HD CCTV for Events

High Definition IP CCTV for retail can provide high clarity and detailed images from 1 Megapixel up to 7K (30 Megapixel). High definition cameras can be ideal for monitoring event entrances, perimeters, car parks, common areas, seating areas and tills. HD CCTV can be used at events for security identification and management overview.

SenSys High Definition CCTV systems can offer clear images, intelligence, intuitive and easy to use. SenSys HD CCTV offers clarity to identify thieves, keep liability claims to a minimum and keeps car parks safe.

Combined with intelligent video analytics can improve event merchandising and profitability by identifying customers gathering habits. IP CCTV with SenSys integration services can be integrated with temporary point-of-sale transaction systems to link receipt rolls with CCTV footage. No event requirements are the same, so the SenSys team can provide expert advice in supplying you with a high definition solution that suits your event.

IP Telephone Systems for Events

IP Phone systems mean your calls will be routed over your temporary Local Area Network (LAN) and the internet, which means there is no need for separate wiring throughout the event site. Your phones can utilise your SenSys converged wired and wireless networks throughout the event campus.

A major benefit of IP Phone systems is your retail facility will save on monthly call costs using SIP trunks, VoIP providers or Skype Connect!

With a comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading IP phone endpoint solutions, SenSys has IP phone solutions for all areas and types of events.

These IP phones also support new modes of collaboration for staff, partners and management such as: integrated high-definition voice, video, and conferencing; instant messaging and presence; instant access to cloud services; USB peripherals for extensibility; and Bluetooth. No event requirements are the same, so the SenSys team can provide expert advice in supplying you with a IP Telephone systems solution that suits your event.

Access Control for Events

Locks and keys allow you to lock and secure areas of events, but when keys are lost or stolen it can be a real inconvenience and expensive to replace locks and re-issue keys.

Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) are critical to ensuring safety, security and preparing for emergencies at your event. If it’s a single access control door solution or a fully integrated access control system across multiple building or areas of the event, SenSys can utilise your IP wired and wireless network to provide you with an effective access control solution for your event.

Access control systems together with SenSys integration services can be linked with visitor management systems. No event requirements are the same, so the SenSys team can provide expert advice in supplying you with an intelligent access control solution that suits your event.

IP Audio for Events

SenSys Intelligent Audio devices (IP Speakers, IP Induction Loops and IP Audio Gateways), when combined with intelligent rules based audio management software provide a highly effective Public Address and audio management system for temporary events.

Playing music, entertaining and making public announcements over your temporary converged IP network has never been easier and more accessible with a network based audio solution that utilises your converged IP network and wiring. No event requirements are the same, so the SenSys team can provide expert advice in supplying you with an IP audio solution that suits your event.

Visitor Management for Events

At many events, visitors are still checked in using manual systems.
While this is perceived as easy it provides no security, no back up, is not good for emergencies and leaves it wide open for anyone to make a mistake.

A SenSys visitor management system allows events to automate the process of visitor registration.
Our visitor management systems are flexible, feature rich and scale with your events. It is easy to integrate with your access control system and improves security and safety by identifying who is at your event. With web based pre-registration it enables staff and management to quickly pre-register visitors or contractors online. A SenSys visitor management system streamlines the process of visitor management and enhances the professionalism and security and safety of your temporary event.
No event requirements are the same, so the SenSys team can provide expert advice in supplying you with a visitor management solution that suits your event.

IP TV for Events

High Definition IP TV for an event allows you to inform, promote and entertain your visitors and customers. With SenSys high definition IP TV and entertainment solutions it has never been easier to distribute high definition multimedia entertainment services to multiple IP network HD TV’s over your converged network.

A wide range of TV, radio channels and on demand programmes and movies can be distributed to many TV’s from a single server. IP High definition TV is often used in waiting areas, corporate areas, bars and other social areas. You can increase revenues through targeted advertising and news.
No event requirements are the same, so the SenSys team can provide expert advice in supplying you with an IP TV solution that suits your event.

Control Rooms for Events

SenSys design and build temporary Intelligent Security and management control rooms to secure and manage event environments. SenSys provide an efficient working environment by building a rules based automated control room. An Intelligent control room can be the hub and users interface to all of your integrated IP security and safety systems. For events an intelligent control room with integrated graphical maps, software matrix, smart video walls and rules based scenarios can increase staff efficiency, reduce costs, reduce crime and keep liability claims to a minimum.
No event requirements are the same, so the SenSys team can provide expert advice in supplying you with a temporary intelligent security control room solution that suits your event.

Converged Networks for Events

SenSys Network convergence for events, refers to the provision of Telephone, Wi-Fi, Video and data communication services and intelligent IP systems such as IP CCTV, IP Access Control, IP Audio and other integrated solutions within a single intelligent network. In other words, one pipe is used to deliver all forms of communication services throughout your temporary event. Our main goal of such integration is to deliver better services and lower overall costs to our clients.

Wouldn’t it be more cost-efficient to have just one network for all intelligent IP devices throughout your event and that’s the promise of SenSys converged networking: one highly scalable, high-performance network with consistent management tools that can handle Ethernet, storage, security and entertainment network traffic.

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