Intelligent IP Audio

Intelligent IP Audio

SenSys Intelligent Audio devices (IP Speakers, IP Induction Loops and IP Audio Gateways), when combined with intelligent rules based audio management software provide a highly effective Public Address system.

Designed entirely as a network solution, each device has a network presence and is powered from PoE (powered over the Ethernet network cable).

The flexible rule base and integration with third party telephony and CCTV applications help to make the SenSys Intelligent Audio solution an industry leader.

As each device is individually addressable, Audio Zoning becomes infinitely flexible as each speaker can be a member of multiple zones.

  • PoE (powered over the Ethernet cable)
  • Ceiling and projector speakers
  • Connect an existing PA system to your IP network
  • Integration with IP Telephony and CCTV video management software
  • Automate announcements
  • Prioritize announcements
  • Ambient noise sensing for automatic level control
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