IP Telephone Systems

IP Telephone Systems

Halve your monthly phone bill with an IP based PBX phone system


ip telephone system symbol  Reduce monthly costs by making calls over the Internet

ip telephone system symbol  Never miss a call by diverting to an alternative extension, voicemail or mobile phone

ip telephone system symbol  Connect multiple offices and call each other for free

ip telephone system symbol  Use your extension from anywhere with Android and iOS clients

ip telephone system symbol  Setup video conferencing through your browser

ip telephone system symbol  Leverage your existing network infrastructure

ip telephone system symbol  Make calls directly from your Windows or Mac laptops

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IP based PBX phone systems gives organisations the ability to make calls over the internet through the use of the industry standard SIP protocol. IP PBX systems are replacing traditional PBX systems which use legacy PSTN or ISDN lines which are routed by a telephone company.

Sensys can provide a fully managed IP PBX system which will reduce your monthly call costs and give you flexibility to work remotely and the ability to never miss a call. We encourage you to send us a recent phone bill for a bill analysis and we can let you know exactly how much you should expect to save every month.

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