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Remote Monitoring

A SenSys remote monitoring High Definition CCTV system will monitor your property 24/7/365 and alert Gardaí before the intruder gains access to your establishment.

With the introduction of Intelligent Perimeter Protection Video Analytics and adding audio interaction between the monitoring station and your organisation, we can turn your existing ‘re-active’ CCTV system that just records CCTV into an intelligent ‘pro-active’ solution that doesn’t just record the intrusion but prevents it. The solution is cost-effective as you can often utilize your existing CCTV system by just adding software.

  • NSAI standards of Ireland
  • Eliminate manned security costs
  • 24/7/365 Remote monitoring
  • State of the art monitoring station
  • High Definition, Pattern based analytics for reduced false alarms
  • Self-monitor on your mobile device using an intuitive app
  • Remote access control and licence plate verification

Here is an example of how our remote monitoring with adaptive video analytics works:

Video Analytics
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