Wireless CCTV

Wireless CCTV

We can help you transmit CCTV video over Wireless links


wifi symbol  Transmit video over point to point wireless links

wifi symbol  Transmit video from multiple locations back to a central location with point to multi-point wireless links

wifi symbol  Stream multiple Megapixel cameras over wireless

wifi symbol  Reduce costs by using wireless where wired infrastructure is not possible


Security and safety depends on reliable communication links. Connecting and wiring to CCTV cameras was traditionally expensive and disruptive. It often means expensive and complicated street digs or civil works.

With a SenSys wireless CCTV solution we can provide fibre like performance on a physically disconnected wireless CCTV camera network. Wireless CCTV can now be installed with massive cost savings and installed where it may have been impossible in the past.

SenSys can easily help design, install and maintain a High definition CCTV solution over a wireless network.

  • Save costs on traditional leased lines
  • High Definition wireless CCTV
  • Point to point wireless CCTV
  • Point to Multi-point CCTV
  • Mesh CCTV Network
  • Add remote cameras
  • Create mobile security units with live video feed
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