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We offer fast and reliable WiFi solutions that are cost effective, future proof and will delight customers.


wifi symbol  Facebook login integration – redirect guests to your Facebook page or to your website

wifi symbol  Welcoming and engaging splash pages

wifi symbol  Complete building coverage throughout your premises 

wifi symbol  Enhance your brand awareness & collect marketing data

wifi symbol  Complete cloud management & control over WiFi users with our mobile App

wifi symbol  Around the clock support – even those late night calls with SenSys Care


*No upfront cost with 0% finance and all-inclusive support, warranty and maintenance – Click here


‘We can’t predict what networks will look like in the future, but we can be certain about two things; they will be super-high capacity and mostly wireless’.

Mobile phones, Laptops and tablets are the pen and paper of today. We each carry multiple devices that connect wirelessly to networks and the internet. Students depend on wireless networks to learn, Doctors depend on wireless networks to treat patients and businesses depend on wireless networks to be more productive and increase revenue. The number of devices that connect wirelessly to networks is growing at a rapid rate. Is your wireless (WiFi) network ready?

At SenSys we design, install and maintain WiFi networks that will provide your organisation with high capacity, high performance and reliable bandwidth.

You may have thousands of students hit your Enterprise WiFi system at the same time. You may have guests at an event or staying at your establishment and require high bandwidth and reliability or you may need a secure and reliable wireless network for your organisation to run mobile and efficiently. Whatever your requirement the SenSys team are experts in the implementation of WiFi networks and are here to help.

  • Bandwidth, Coverage, Interference and wireless network audit available with SenSys system audit report
  • Deliver equal access to RF with Airtime fairness
  • Network and Spectrum Managers
  • Channel Layering
  • Cloud or appliance based controllers
  • WiFi support and maintenance with SenSys care

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