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Discover How 3CX Failover Works

Posted by:Alan Hogan

3CX Failovers are an integral part of 3CX SAAS reliability and one of the reasons SenSys Technology recommend them to our clients. Find our more in our blog

What is RAID – Redundant Array of Independent Disks

Posted by:Alan Hogan

Redundant Array Of Independent Disks Interested in finding out how SenSys Technology can improve your IT Network? Call our experts and set up a meeting: Freephone: 1800 815 683 Email: Read More: Read how we merged 11 retail management systems onto one converged platform at Blackpool Retail Campus in Cork here Or follow to links to our...

Up To Standards – NSAI Metrology Laboratories

Posted by:SenSys

SenSys Structured Cabling and Fibre Optics in the NSAI Metrology Laboratories – comm’s cabinets professionally structured, neat & labelled. Read our summary here

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