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5 Phone system features your business needs

Posted by:webmakers onMarch 24, 2017

5 Phone system features your business needs


Traditional business phone systems are used simply to make and receive calls but with the move to VoIP and intelligent IP based phone systems such as 3CX there are many added functionality features that will save your business money, increase productivity and increase sales.

Here are 5 phone system features your business needs:

1. Bring your extension anywhere: The ability to bring your extension anywhere is just not possible with a traditional phone system. By upgrading to an IP based phone system such as 3CX, you can bring your extension anywhere through the use of a Windows softphone which is installed on a laptop or PC, or you can also install an app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

  • Work from home.3cx phone app
  • Make and receive calls on your smartphone.
  • No cost to your mobile phone plan.
  • View the presence of colleagues.






2. Web conferencing: Web conferencing can give your business the ability to have meetings on demand no matter where they are located in the world. This can all be done through the 3CX webmeeting from a Window based softphone installed on your laptop or desktop.

  • One click setup
  • Join through Google chrome or Firefox3cx webmeeting
  • Share and present PDF’s
  • Share screens and take remote control






3. Voicemail and Fax to email: Fax machines, despite being an old technology are still around and are still a part of many businesses telephony infrastructure. By upgrading your phone system you can still keep your fax number and when a fax is received it can be sent directly to your email. With voicemail to email you can get a notification to your email with the voicemail attached and listen to it directly from your laptop. Alternatively this can be done through the 3CX smartphone app.

3cx voicemails

4. Call reports: Traditional phone systems do not have the ability to show statistics and reports on how long a call lasted, the talk time, call destination, cost, reason for call failure etc. By upgrading your phone system to a 3CX phone system, you can access this built in feature and even schedule daily reports.

3cx call reports

5. Intelligent call queues (Never miss another call): Intelligent call queues make sure you never miss another call from a potential customer. With call queuing it is possible to always have a destination to send a call to based on specific parameters defined by you. Parameters such as maximum wait time can be defined so a customer is redirected to a different person if the wait time has been exceeded.


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