Video analytics CCTV solution at coen steel building
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Avigilon IP CCTV System For Coen Steel

Posted by:Will Richards onMay 8, 2019

The Client:

Coen Steel was established in 1888.  Located in Oranmore, they stock and distribute standard and specialised premium grade steel products.  They operate a 60,000sq ft warehouse.

The Requirement:

Coen Steel was looking to upgrade the CCTV on their site.  This move was for health & safety reasons more so than fraud. They wanted to achieve a complete overview of their site – full visual overview and monitoring of their site.  In the event of any breakins the site would be monitored by the existing monitoring company.

The SenSys Solution:

SenSys Tech recommended the implementation of an Avigilon IP HD CCTV solution.

The system is based on high definition cameras and requires fewer cameras than alternative systems due to both image quality and the hemispherical design of the internal cameras. Cameras located inside the warehouse have three cameras within each lens thereby covering a 180-degree angle. SenSys Technology recommended replacing all existing analog cameras on site, with new CAT 5 cabling.

The Avigilon solution provides video analytics with a user-friendly system that will help monitor incidents on site with proactive monitoring in situ for operational and health and safety.

We integrated CCTV system into the intruder alarm, and the benefit of that is from a video analytics aspect. Any motion is detected so that any movement or trespassing on site when the office is closed is picked up and alerts sent up to the monitoring station.


SenSys Technology choose to partner with Avigilon.  A premium brand, the quality that their cameras and software deliver to our customers is world class.

Benefits of Avigilon CCTV solution

  • Video analytics
  • Reduced false alerts
  • Feature rich solution
  • Multiple options with cameras => greater coverage with fewer cameras
  • Avigilon multi-sensor cameras
  • Image quality – high megapixels coverage
  • High definition stream management => no buffering
  • Images increase and load in realtime so you are not missing any key footage
  • Avigilon software based system installed on a reliable server
  • Remote site management of plant – at a reduced cost
  • Installed a SenSys Network management system
  • Receive alerts on the performance of the server
  • Hard drive performance
  • The server Includes RAID – for redundant hard drives
  • Coen Steel have RAID 5 which mirrors the data, so if their hard drives fail, they are not going to lose their data which is important for GDPR
  • They have a redundant power supply
  • They have UPS on site, so if there is an electricity outage, they don’t lose their CCTV footage for up to two hours

Design System for 100% Coverage

SenSys engaged with Coen Steels – from a design perspective. We obtained a site map. We then engaged with the Avigilon design tool, we designed a solution for them which would provide full coverage.


– 3mp bullets with integrated AR
– Didn’t need dedicate light on site
– This leads to a saving on electricity
– Dedicated outdoor bullet camera which is IP67 rated
– Includes video analytics
– Power saving mode for when there is no footage
– Motion detection applies if there is an instance on site in out of office hours it turns on



Dome camera in reception
– Inside the warehouse there are 7 HD multi sensor 180 degree cameras
– 3 360 degree megapixel cameras. The benefit of that is one camera housing has three lenses included so full coverage inside the site is achieved without any blind spots. This is a huge benefit for H&S

Avigilon camera quality

8MP 4K cameras and 3MP bullet cameras.
 encoders are used to convert analogue cameras to IP and integrate onto the new Avigilon HD CCTV system.

Network Cabling

SenSys fully managed the cabling on this project – POE switches for the cameras, there is a monitor on site, along with the Avigilon software enabling the footage to be managed remotely. As it is an IP based system, the monitoring company also has access to this to receive alerts from the site and it is integrated with the intruder alarm system.

System Support

SenSys provide the support for two preventative maintenance visits per annum to ensure that Coen Steels get the latest and greatest software features & performance is running at its optimum

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