SenSys Technology install intelligent building at Ballyooney Meats
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Ballymooney Foods Smart IT with SenSys

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Ballymooney Foods was established in 1996 by Pat Doyle.  A family business, they source, stock, process and distribute beef, venison, lamb and game.

Ballymooney Foods is an experienced, dynamic, family owned company which supplies quality beef, lamb and venison. Animals are hand selected, grass fed and naturally reared. Meats are carefully chosen to guarantee quality, consistency and exceed expectations (https://www.ballymooneyfoods.com/)

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The Requirement:

Ballymooney Foods who have gone from strength to strength reached capacity at their existing site in Clane. We were brought in as a specialist to help Ballymooney Foods migrate to their new site in Clane Industrial Park.

Ballymooney Foods had multiple vendors for IT, Phones, Wi-FI, Networking, Database management and IT support.

Ballymooney Foods main requirement was simple, install the best systems on their premises now for operation 24/7/365 days a year, and to keep the show on the road at all times!

It made sense to opt for SenSys Smart IT services to migrate and manage all technology systems.  SenSys Technology appealed as a more holistic opportunity – one provider installing and supporting multiple solutions that integrate with one another.

Ballymooney Foods Season Factory

The SenSys Solution:

SenSys Technology managed the full installation of a Smart IT and networking suite from firewalls, network switches, business phone system and Wi-Fi access points.

Ballymooney Foods have been appointed a dedicated Account Manager to manage the installation and support thereafter. 

One server fully manages the IT and phone systemCisco Meraki is a cloud-managed platform for firewall and WiFi.  Upgrades are completed via the cloud. Clients benefit from a warranty with the equipment which means that their technology is never out of date with monitoring, diagnostics or cable failure. The client has a complete overview and foresight on their site of any incidents, which, from the customer point of view is brilliant as they have one company looking after their IT, desktops, phone system & Wifi.

SenSys used on this project the best in class network partners such as Cisco Meraki,3CX, Dell Servers, Laptops and Pcs.

SenSys Technology is able to provide additional savings to the overall cost of the solution including less equipment and more productivity.

SenSys Tech Comms Cabinet & WiFi Access Point

IT Network & Equipment

SenSys designed and installed the IT network for the new premises. This included setting up comms cabinets, neatly installing and fibre linking Cisco Meraki network switches, 24 port patch panels, firewalls and the full migrating of IT from the old site to new.

Our highly experienced technician’s installed new servers, PC’s, monitors, laptops, handsets and headsets the firewall which completely manages the network security site. Our support contract includes managing the anti-virus on site.

Voice Over IP

Business Phone System

Ballymooney Foods decided to opt for 3CX which is a software-based phone system. One of the benefits of using Sensys is the combination of multiple solutions with less equipment.

An excellent feature of 3CX is that you can have your mobile, laptop, desk phone twinned with one extension. No matter where you are in the world, you can make and receive phone calls using your business number.

Ballymooney Foods has a busy phoneline dealing with lots of suppliers, and customers.  SenSys were able to import Ballymooney Foods existing contact list of suppliers and customers. The benefit is that when customers and suppliers phone in, the staff know exactly who is calling enabling them to answer the phone in a welcoming way.

As part of the migration of the new phone system, we advised Ballymooney Foods that VoIP was the way to go, not just for cost savings but it doesn’t make sense to opt for ISDN, when they are due to be terminated in Ireland by 2030.

We were able to save the client 41% per month, providing a return on Investment in 18 months.

One of the concerns they had moving to VoIP was the quality of the call. As SenSys Technology was managing the network, we were able to implement QOS (quality of service)

What that means is that we segment a portion of bandwidth for the voice calls from the Broadband connection, to guarantee that there will no latency and the voice quality is always perfect. We applied this setting on the Cisco Meraki MX64 Firewall, which is designed for Small to Medium businesses.

In addition, SenSys installed built-in wallboard on a screen for the office to view all their calls in real-time, to be aware of all missed or abandoned calls. Whilst being able to schedule callbacks, and plan ahead for their busy periods.

The 3CX mobile app allows the employees to walk around the site connected to the Wi-FI and make/receive business calls on the go.

Cloud Managed WiFi

SenSys Wi-Fi with Cisco Meraki

SenSys recommended Cisco Meraki enterprise graded channel managed. SenSys provided a professionally designed WiFi map for Ballymooney Foods guaranteeing coverage zones, and the recommended access points to meet such coverage.

As a major meat stockist of Wild Irish Game which necessitates the use of freezers rooms. These freezer areas require WiFi for internal scanners, and temperature gauges requiring WiFi.

SenSys recommended the use of Cisco Meraki WiFi MR70  cloud managed freezer access points which allow the WiFi to work in environments of up to minus 20 degrees to 55 degrees. We provided a range of MR70s and MR33s to ensure full coverage inside and outside.

Security System Support

SenSys Care – Proactive Support

Being a local provider, we are able to provide within 4 hours critical response time for Ballymooney Foods – on site on the same day but with the infrastructure, we have put in, we are in a position of strength as we are fully aware of their network and IT at all times.

Our Proactive support care package is designed to keep your organisation running smoothly 24/7/365 with no added maintenance costs.

If you are interested in having a chat about integrated security, phone & Wi-Fi systems for your restaurant or company, please get in touch:

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