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How SenSys Tech Design, Commission & Test Systems

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SenSys Technology conducts detailed specifications at the outset of each of our Smart Integration Projects.  In this blog post, we share some of the organisational detail of our project at Blackpool Shopping Centre and Retail Campus.  Eleven standalone shopping centre management systems were integrated onto one converged smart platform.

Smart Integration Process at Blackpool Shopping Centre and Retail Campus

The integration process involved the following steps:

  • Design
  • Supply
  • Decommissioning and disposal of existing assets
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Testing
  • Maintenance and
  • Operation of the new Security System


  • During the design stage, several key areas had to be taken into consideration to be able SenSys Tech specify the right solution to fit the requirements outlined by the client. These areas included: Existing cabling and network infrastructure, control room functionality and video display wall, integration with existing intruder alarm system, recording an archiving and operational functionality.
  • The existing cabling and network infrastructure included fibre connectivity between all four of the sites comms rooms which could be utilized and connected using network switches with fibre SFP ports. This would provid network connectivity throughout the site. The existing coax cabling going to the majority of the 160 analogue cameras would be utilized and encoded to IP using IP video encoders.
  • The requirements for the control room functionality and video display wall included wall mounting of two 50-inch monitors and desk mounting five 24-inch monitors, to be connected to two quad display workstations. These displays were used to show the multiple different camera views along with the Milestone alarm manager and bespoke control room task manager software. The two 50-inch monitors displayed the Milestone Smartwall configured to display alerts and change layout based on events configured in the management application.
  • The Siemens intruder alarm system consisting of three networked SPC6300 panels which were required to be able to send alerts and alarms to the Milestone Smartclient. This will be achieved by using serial to ethernet converters connected directly to the printer ports on the alarm panels and linked to the local network switches. The alarm panels communicates with the Milestone system using Milestone transact which is built into Milestone corporate. Specific events to be created once a text output from the alarm panels was matched and this, in turn, creating an alert to display in the alarm manager and on the Smartwall.
  • The recording and archiving requirements include a retention time of 30 days with the existing analogue cameras running at D1 resolution and 5FPS. The new Axis PTZ cameras required to run at 1080P resolution and 5FPS. The video needs to have redundancy built in, in the event of a hard drive failure so a RAID 5 setup with a hot spare was used. Fault tolerance for 1 hard drive failure and immediate rebuild of the array with the hot spare on standby in the event of a failure.


  • The supply of hardware and software for this project was coordinated by office management liaising with our distribution partners. This would include coordinating and arranging equipment such as servers, cameras, encoders, network switches, screens, IP rated enclosures, cabling etc and ensuring strict adherence to lead times to reduce the impact and potential delay of the installation.

Decommissioning and Disposal of existing security-related assets

The decommissioning of the existing security system follows a project plan which needed to be pre-approved by the client. This included:

  • Decommission of the system;
  • Documentation of the entire system to verify cameras which were out of service;
  • Date agreed to bring system offline with consideration to impact on security staff;
  • The system was taken offline and a temporary system put in place… the point of no return;
  • Decommission completed;
  • Removal of data from the system;
  • Disposal of equipment.


  • The installation of this project was done in a phased approach to minimise disruption to control room staff and to prevent downtime to cameras in critical areas. This was achieved by pre-configuring as much of the system as possible prior to delivery to site. This included the setup of the server, installation of Milestone Corporate software, IP address assignment of all the networking equipment including IP video encoders, IP cameras and network switches and creation of Windows and Milestone user accounts. The video encoders and IP cameras were added and configured in Milestone corporate which allowed hardware to work in a plug and play manner.
  • Once the hardware arrived at the site, technicians physically mounted the server and encoders into the specific comms racks and started to transition cameras from the old DVR’s to the new encoders. Control room staff were given temporary access to the new system and were able to monitor the old system and the new system side by side until the transition was completed.
  • Once the physical transition of the cameras from the old system to the new was completed, the control room upgrade was started. This included moving several intruder and fire alarm panels from one side of the room to the other, mounting of two 50-inch screens on the wall in front of the control room desks, setup of desk mount screens and setup and installation of the video display workstations
  • The 15 lanes of LPR cameras were installed and configured, starting with the main shopping centre followed by the retail park. The cameras were mounted on top of steel galvanized poles which were located at islands at the entry and exit areas of the main shopping centre and retail park. They were connected to POE network switches and coax to ethernet converters which were housed inside IP67 rated enclosures also mounted at the top of the poles.


Commissioning and testing

  • The commissioning and testing of the system included documentation of the entire system and inspecting the system to ensure it adhered to the design specification. We performed functional testing to confirm the system was operating according to the system design and manufacturer specifications, including testing of all networking equipment, testing events from the intruder alarm panel to trigger alarms on the Smartwall and alarm manager. Testing of PTZ presets and patrolling, the creation of views in the Smartclient, PTZ joystick/keyboard testing, playback verification.


  • The maintenance of the system includes bi-annual servicing of all external cameras and annual maintenance of the internal cameras. The LPR system is verified bi-annually to ensure the accurate capturing of registration details. Software upgrades are installed bi-annually along with firmware updates required by encoders and cameras. The client receives a detailed report on the status of all cameras outlining the current condition of the cameras and if there is a fault or repair needed and the necessary actions that need to be taken to repair or remedy the fault.
Top half reads SenSys Support24/7/365 over image of SenSys branded vans


  • SenSys Technology offers a 24/7/365 support contract which includes a 4-hour service level agreement.
  • The service is maintained by SenSys own engineers responding in the event of faults.

Key personnel involved in this Smart Integration Project

Ben Killeen - Founder - Sensys Technology Ltd

Ben Killeen

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Alan Hogan

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Lauren Killeen

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Freephone: 1800 815 683

Email: info@sensys.ie

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