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When choosing to upgrade your phone system to VOIP (Voice over IP), your first decision will usually be if you will have an on-premise PBX installed (the brains of the phone system installed on a server in your building) or if you will have the PBX hosted (the brains of the phone system hosted in a datacentre otherwise known as the ‘cloud’).

Talk to our phone team, we can help you to decide which is best for your needs.

Phone hosting considerations

Aside from all the key features such as voice, audio, video, chat & text, there are additional benefits to adopting cloud-hosted phone solutions.


The upfront cost of an on-premise PBX can be expensive. Cloud controlled PBX facilitates monthly subscription without upfront capital expenditure.

Redundancy and Reliability

Should your building loose power, be a victim of a flood or fire, the PBX is hosted off-site in a data centre with failover to another data centre

Cloud applications

Cloud PBX’s are becoming more and more feature rich, often offering lots of the common features readily available within an on-premise PBX such as 3CX.

Customer support

Cloud-hosted phone systems facilitate improved customer service capabilities for businesses of varying sizes – from ten users to hundreds. Integrated with CRM systems, your staff can greet and track customer processes easily.


Greater volumes of call demand greater oversight. Cloud systems make this easy by displaying key metrics on your dashboard. Data is stored securely reducing costs for storage & maintenance.

Mobile Workforce

VoIP apps for desktop and smart integrations for mobile permit your business calls to be answered by a dispersed workforce. All this applying the company phone numbers.

Meet our experts

Marek, Alan and Paul are certified experts and our go-to guys for phone system design and installations.

Alan is the key technical contact for customers during project delivery and ensures all customer service and top-class support is offered through our support service. Paul’s areas of expertise are the identification, design and implementation of customer requirements. Our highly experienced engineer, Marek, is involved with the full project life cycle and beyond to include ongoing maintenance & support.

The SenSys Tech team has worked on many high volume call centre projects in diverse verticals such as financial services, crisis support centres, governing bodies for sports & the hospitality industry,

Reduce capital expenditure & predict monthly costs

Spread the cost of your communications outlay by adopting cloud-hosted phone systems.  Enable your finance department to switch from a CAPEX model to OPEX model. This reduces the associated upfront costs for equipment and physical on-premise installation resulting in predictable monthly costs.

Cloud solutions offer advanced security are easily scalable with your business needs.

In today’s competitive market it’s important to never miss that call. With CRM integrations, communications can be linked to customer records before the agent takes the call.

The best cloud-hosted phone systems incorporate features such as mobile apps, web conferencing, live chat, click2call and more, for UNLIMITED users.

Call SenSys, the experts, and we will take care of everything for you.

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