Cloud Hosted VOIP

Cloud Hosted VOIP

Cloud Hosted VOIP

When choosing to upgrade your phone system to VOIP (Voice over IP), your first decision will usually be if you will have an on-premise PBX installed (the brains of the phone system installed on a server in your building) or if you will have the PBX hosted (the brains of the phone system hosted in a datacentre otherwise known as the ‘cloud’).

Here are some considerations:

  • The upfront cost of an on-premise PBX can be expensive and with hosted cloud controlled PBX, your business will pay a small monthly subscription instead of the upfront capital expenditure of an on-premise PBX.
  • Redundancy and Reliability; should your building loose power, be a victim of a flood or the unfortunate circumstance of a fire, the PBX is hosted off-site in a data centre with a failover to another data centre, out of harm’s way – keeping you up and running with guaranteed no down time.
  • Cloud PBX’s are becoming more and more feature rich, often offering lots of the common features readily available within an on-premise PBX such as 3CX.
  • Speak to a SenSys VOIP Expert to discuss the pros and cos of cloud PBX’s versus on-premise PBX’s.

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