Business IT Networks

SenSys Technology believes in preventing technical issues and downtime when possible.

We run a smart monitoring software that is exclusive to SenSys customers on your business IT network.

Should a network device fail, our technical team can respond to fix, usually before you even realise the device has failed. Making business continuity easy and downtime a thing of the past.

Resilient wired & wireless networks

Protect your network devices - including PC’s, Phones, WiFi access points, Firewalls, Servers, Routers, Network switches

SenSys End to End Networks

In an ideal world, a businesses’ computer network will be pre-planned and designed with end to end interactive connectivity.
Benefits include better-integrated work practices, IT maintenance, device management and cost savings.
SenSys Technology employs the following 8 step ‘end to end’ project schema with our in-house experts.

SenSys Tech - Step 1 - System Design
SenSys Tech - Step 2 Structured Cabling
Step 3 - Test & Certify
Step 4 - Comms Room
Step 5 - SenSys Firewalls
Step 6 - SenSys Tech Monitoring
Step 7 - SenSys Tech Alerts
Step 8 - SenSys Tech Field Service

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    Alan Hogan

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    Alan Hogan

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    IT & Comms Technician

    Marek Kulka

    IT & Comms Technician

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