IT and Network Monitoring

Converged Networks

Network Monitoring

At SenSys Technology we believe in preventing technical issues and downtime when possible. This is why we offer SenSys network and IT hardware monitoring. The concept is simple but effective; we run a smart monitoring software that is exclusive to SenSys customers on your network. The software pro-actively ‘pings’ all network devices from PC’s, Phones, WiFi access points, Firewalls, Servers, Routers, Network switches and checks that all devices are online. If a network device fails it pro-actively notifys our technical team so we can respond to fix, usually before you even realise the device has failed. Making business continuity easy and downtime a thing of the past.

Hardware and Software Monitoring

Our smart monitoring software monitors servers, desktops, PBX’s, CCTV recorders and other on-site controllers. We at SenSys set performance paramenters and if the server or device underperforms or operates outside its usual behaviours then our technical team is automatically alerted of a potential issue or a failure.

We monitor the system health of:

  • Processor performance
  • Hard Drive Performance
  • Memory
  • Temperature of the device
  • Hardware and software logs for faults
  • Power
  • RAID controllers
  • Windows / Linux operating systems
  • Software application logs

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