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Let’s talk solar moves to a VOIP telephone system

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Let’s talk solar moves to a VOIP telephone system – Reduce call costs, eliminate line rental and increase functionality.

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Let’s talk solar are one of Ireland’s leading providers of solar powered central heating and hot water systems, with over 30 years experience in renewable and energy efficient technologies.

Let’s talk solar have recently moved their head office to a new premises and decided it was time to have a look at moving their old traditional analogue phone system over to a VOIP telephone system which uses SIP lines to make calls over the internet. Sensys technology were tasked with overseeing the project and recommended an IP based phone system based on the popular 3CX PBX software.

Some of the benefits of moving let’s talk solar to a VOIP telephone system includes:

  • Cheaper monthly call costs
  • Elimination of line rental
  • Ability to bring your extension anywhere (work from home as if in the office)
  • Never miss a call with intelligent call routing
  • The ability to add virtual numbers for offices in different locations

Sensys technology overseen the project from the beginning which included:

  • Termination and testing of all Cat 6 cables in their new building
  • Installation of new comms cabinet, patch panels, network switches and security firewall
  • Installation and configuration of Windows server and 3CX software
  • Provisioning of new phones
  • Configuration of SIP lines, call routing and digital receptionist
  • Liaised with SIP provider and porting of existing numbers over to new provider

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The 3CX VOIP telephone system was matched with two different types of business handsets from Yealink, the first was the Yealink T46 which is a reception grade handset with a colour display which was bundled with an extension module to allow quick access to speed dials and extensions. The second was a T21 handset which is an entry level handset that provides HD quality voice and is cost effective.

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Sensys technology also installed and configured a number of cloud managed WIFI access points which provide complete coverage of their building and can be managed remotely through a centralised dashboard. This allows easy access to configuration changes and also enables notifications if the access points lose connectivity to the cloud.

The whole network was then tied together through the use of a Meraki security appliance. The security appliance is a cloud managed router/firewall which is managed through a centralised dashboard and is responsible for managing internet access.

Some of the features of the security appliance include:

  • VOIP QoS to make sure the 3CX VOIP is always given priority internet access
  • DHCP server to hand out IP addresses to clients
  • Client VPN to allow users access to shared drives from home
  • Traffic shaping to place limits on certain applications such as Youtube or Facebook
  • Dual WAN which means a second internet connection can be added as a failover or for load balancing


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