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Network Cabling, Security & Wi-Fi At Dolce Sicily

Posted by:Will Richards onApril 29, 2019

The Client:

Dublin City based Sicilian restaurant Dolce Sicily was established in 2014.

Two tourists sitting in front of Dolce Sicily restaurant - Sensys.ie integrated alarm box above window
Dolce Sicily Dublin

The Requirement:

Dolce Sicily, a Sicilian cafe/restaurant who were moving from Dawson Street to South Anne Street. Dolce Sicily was looking for a vendor which would be able to provide them with multiple solutions which would be supported by one company.  As a busy restaurant/ cafe, they already have multiple suppliers and they were trying to reduce their operating costs and improve their productivity.

Our details were referred from the ePos company who we worked with on the Tribeton restaurant in Galway to the owners of Dolce Sicily who invited SenSys to come in and quote for the works. The Tribeton project comprised of wifi, network, firewalls, phones & security installation.

Dolce Sicily engaged the services of SenSys Technology.  They follow in the footsteps of SilverKey & Vienna Woods in Cork, & the afore mentioned Tribeton in Galway.

The SenSys Solution:

When we engaged with Dolce Sicily, their new restaurant on Sth Anne Street was at the design stage. We were brought into offer our expertise advice on the technology design.

SenSys were able to advise on

  • How to secure the company network
  • CAT 6 Cable Design for Wi-FI/Tills/Comms Cabinet/CCTV/Alarm
  • Design for the best coverage of the CCTV and Wi-Fi systems
  • Where the broadband coming into the building should be located
  • Ensure everything was on one reliable and scalable network

We engaged with the electrical contractor on this project and project managed the set up of the building from a network engineering point of view.

CCTV System

hikvision logoThe System chosen for Dolce Sicily was a Hikvision 16 Channel NVR 6TB, and nine 3MP dome cameras. Two cameras to be overlooking tills for integration.

CCTV and Cash Register / Till integration

Benefits integrating your tills with your CCTV system.

  • Every single till transaction will appear on the CCTV
  • Identification of duplicate transactions
  • Potential theft everything can be viewed on the CCTV system
  • Allows for easier tracking, transparency and linking of voided and ‘no sale’ transactions.

HKC Intruder Alarm System

A wireless alarm with infrared detectors, contact points and shock sensors were installed. The intruder alarm is monitored by our partner RE: Sure.

CCTV system with alarm integration

Benefits of alarm integration

  • Should the alarm go off, the designated users in the Dolce Sicily will be able to log into the CCTV to see what is going on on site
  • A monitoring company actively does this as well.
Re:Sure Logo

SenSys Wi-Fi

There was a requirement for a reputable wifi system provider for this busy restaurant. Arising from our proven work with numerous hotels and businesses in Ireland, SenSys was chosen to implement the restaurant Wi-Fi System.  

best it company

Benefits of a SenSys Wi-Fi System:

  • We guarantee 100% coverage for Dolce Sicily.  
  • In order to log into the wifi, a customer signs up via their facebook page.  
  • Increased marketing list and reach for targeting campaigns.
  • This data can be used for monthly emails, promotions, they even know their customers favourite seating areas.  
  • They are aware of who comes in, repeat visitors, even their favourite seats
  • Full visibility from their wifi analytics.


We were awarded the contract for the CCTV, the full network including a web managed network switch, cabinet, and a Cisco Meraki firewall. One of the reasons for using a Cisco Meraki firewall is it provides instance alerts to SenSys of any technical issues on site so we have complete monitoring and diagnostics.

Cisco Meraki Logo

Network Switch

With our network switch, we can run a cable test, so that if the cable goes or any devices, we get instant alerts showing that we can provide complete proactive support to Dolce Sicily.

The SenSys team is experienced in design, installation and certification of structured cabling to include cat 5E, Cat 6, CAT 7 and fibre optic cabling to industry standards. At Dolce Sicily, we installed a 24 Port Network switch, patch panelling and termination of CAT 5 cables. A comms cabinet was installed to keep equipment secure. Converging your services on one scalable and robust network with one point of contacts provides immediate savings and increased functionality and integrations. We work with the best in class partners to ensure that you provide you with the best solution for your needs.

If you are interested in having a chat about integrated security, phone & Wi-Fi systems for your restaurant or company, please get in touch:

Phone 01 9060553 or Freephone: 1800 815 683

Email SenSys Tech

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