Efficient communication networks are crucial to the success of today’s businesses and they are exposed to even greater dynamics than before: installations may be extended, new users may be added to the network, services may be extended or more bandwidth may be required. It must be possible to do all of this quickly and safely while the network is in operation without disrupting service to users. This is why 3M Telecommunications provides a wide range of systems for the modular structure of data networks. With 3M’s “Enterprise Network Solutions” you can adapt and expand data networks to meet current and future requirements.

In response to the increased demands made on the cabling infrastructure, the range of Enterprise Network Solutions products includes passive and active products for terminating, connecting and storing copper and fibre optic cables for the transmission of voice and data. SeNSys partner with 3M Telecommunications and our services include network design, project management and consultancy.

3M Telecommunications offers Enterprise Network Solutions for high performance copper, fibre, and copper/fibre hybrid networks. The components of 3M’s solutions feature innovative and high performance designs that offer strong customer value.

3M Telecommunications supports three main solution segments:

  • SenSys and 3M Network Solutions enable customers to build and operate efficient high-speed enterprise-wide networks. The Volition™ Network Solutions portfolio features copper and fibre interconnects, cables, patch cords, patch panels, outlets, and electronic equipment.
  • SenSys and 3M Fibre Interconnect product portfolio features an extensive line of ferruled fibre optic connectors, splices, cable assemblies and accessories.
  • SenSys and 3M Copper Interconnect Solutions product portfolio features a variety of cross-connect blocks with the appropriate distribution boxes and frames as well as telephone outlets.

3M has more than 17,000 employees working in offices, manufacturing sites and distribution centres in more than 30 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. SenSys Technology provide design, installation and support of 3M network cabling and equipment in Ireland.

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