SenSys | Smart Network Technology partner with Blueface to save businesses up to 50% on their phone bills with more features and functionality.

Blueface is a high growth, innovative and dynamic IP telephony services company which is headquartered in Ireland with operations in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Italy. With landline and mobile operations, Blueface has leveraged its customised IP platform to deliver products and services to businesses, SME’s and Professional Consumers.

Blueface was originally established in 2005 and has perfected its IP technology platform which has been deployed successfully in over 12 countries worldwide. Blueface’s vision is to become the leading provider of converged IP telephony services to SME’s across Europe.

In the past, businesses purchased expensive PBX phone systems. This box managed all their phone calls in and out. Typically it was based in the comms. cabinet or comms room of a customer’s premises.

Today, there is a better way. The Blueface Hosted Phone System is the new way businesses are communicating in Ireland. Instead of purchasing a PBX, you can now get a virtual one with a Blueface call plan. Using your broadband connection, the Blueface phones will connect into the Cloud PBX to handle all your calls.

SenSys and Blueface handles all the configuration of your Cloud PBX and phones, so you can focus on running your business with the guarantee of the best hosted PBX provider running your phone solution.

Blueface has a core commitment to Research and Development and have developed a market leading IP platform for mobile, landline and converged telephony solutions. As a SenSys customer, you can avail of a Blueface suite of innovative voice features, functionality and services which will ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve in terms of flexibility, productivity and workforce mobility.

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