SenSys | Smart Network Technology and Meru

SenSys | Smart Network Technology and Meru deliver powerful, reliable and intelligent wireless and WiFi solutions to businesses and organisations throughout Ireland. SenSys provide expert design, installation and support of Meru wireless solutions.


Meru technology is designed to maximize the benefits of 802.11ac.

Applications demand more bandwidth that ever before, and end users carry multiple devices. 802.11ac is a new wireless networking standard that builds on the success of 802.11n to allow you to stay ahead of evolving business needs.

  • Meet end users’ need for high capacity.
  • Support high quality mobile real-time applications like voice and video.
  • Make the most of the available spectrum with radio frequency virtualization and channel layering.

Access Points

Wireless access points designed for mobility.

Meru access points deliver wireless connectivity to support data, voice, and video applications with superior predictability and reliability. They are designed for use in a broad variety of settings, including classrooms, lecture halls, hotels, stadiums, and hospitals.

  • Experience seamless mobility, plug-and-play deployment and easy capacity expansion with radio frequency virtualization.
  • Tailor a wireless network to suit the needs of your organization with flexible deployment modes.
  • Choose from wireless access points designed for moderate- and high-density environments, outdoor use, home offices, and more.


WLAN controllers designed to deliver highly reliable, resilient wireless services.

Meru wireless controllers optimize wireless traffic across access points and client devices to provide high performance and predictability while meeting mission-critical enterprise demands for wireless connectivity.

  • Optimize client distribution and channel utilization in both single- and multi-channel deployments.
  • Simplify wireless management through tight integration with System Director Operating System and E(z)RF Management network management suite.
  • Select from WLAN controllers designed for small, medium, and large deployments.


Software applications for wireless network management, security, and BYOD.

Meru’s advanced software applications make it easy to manage and secure your wireless LAN.

  • Manage your Meru wireless network and RF spectrum while assuring high service levels.
  • Provision Wi-Fi enabled employee devices in support of BYOD and enable easy guest access — both wired and wireless.
  • Protect sensitive data with software for wireless intrusion prevention, policy enforcement, and PCI Compliance.


Virtual wireless controllers and appliances for increased flexibility.

New deployment options give you unprecedented choice and flexibility in deploying and scaling your wireless infrastructure.

  • Deploy on industry-standard hardware supporting your virtualization strategy.
  • Expedite product acquisition and service deployment.
  • House your virtualized Meru solution in your comm’s room or private cloud.
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