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SenSys Install 3CX Hotel VoIP Phone System In The Lakeside Hotel

Posted by:Will Richards onNovember 16, 2018

Another hotel in Ireland moves to a SenSys 3CX Hotel VoIP phone system, reducing the call costs by 70% by switching to Irelands leading VoIP provider with built-in functionality to never miss a call.

The Lakeside Hotel & Leisure Centre sits on the banks of the majestic River Shannon with stunning views of the twin heritage towns of Ballina in Co. Tipperary and Killaloe in Co. Clare.

As part of the Hotel property management system upgrade in the Lakeside Hotel, it was the right time to update the end of life analogue phone system with one single point of failure.

To deliver key cost savings by switching to a Hotel based phone system using SIP lines to make calls over the internet and reducing the requirement for ISDN lines.

SenSys technology was recommended to the hotel by the existing IT provider and was awarded the project based on our experience of working with other hotels in Ireland such as the Pillo Hotel, Vienna Woods, Dundrum House and the Station House Hotel. It was imperative for the Hotel to go for a phone system that intelligently routed all calls internally with multiple points of failover to ensure that they never miss a call. The General manager in the hotel confirmed that the phone system is one of the most important systems in the hotels as still over 60% of the bookings are made via the phone.

Example of a wallboard installed by SenSys Tech
Wallboard live reporting now available to the Lakeside Hotel to ensure all calls are answered in a timely fashion, and no calls are abandoned.

Benefits of switching to a 3CX Hotel phone system with SenSys include:

• Cheaper monthly call costs -Elimination of line rental
• Ability to route all calls internally to an extension to twin the call by ringing the employee’s desk phone and softphone at the same time. This also means that there is no need to give out employee’s direct numbers.
• Take your Extension anywhere- the ability to bring your extension anywhere work from home as if in the office with the PC/Mobile softphone.
• Keep the existing 54 Hotel phones in the bedrooms with two IP Analogue to Digital adapters to reduce the upfront cap-ex cost and maximise the savings of switching to VoIP SIP trunks.
• Supported Integration with new Hotel PMS provider
• Supported by SenSys Technology with a 24/7 365 day a year support contract

SenSys technology managed the project from the beginning which included:

• Termination and testing of all analogue lines for existing phones that were connected to the 3CX Hotel IP system via two IP ATA Adapters, without the need of purchasing new phones for the Hotel bedrooms.
• Installation and provisioning of new supported 3CX Yealink T41 IP phones for the offices and managed POE network switches
• Installation and configuration of Windows server with RAID 1 and 3CX software
• The configuration of SIP lines, call routing, digital receptionist and custom music on hold.
• Liaised with SIP provider Blueface and porting of existing numbers.

Managed POE Switch
Managed POE Switch

Integration of the following services are now available between Hotsoft and 3CX. The integration includes:
Check In / Out operations

The 3CX Hotel PBX also integrates with Property Management Systems so that staff can perform most functions from within the Hotel Management Software. Some of the most popular PMS systems that the Hotel PBX works with are Protel, roomMaster and Micros-Fidelio.

At check-in and check out the following operations are performed by the integration:

Check-In Operations

• Sets Extension Name.
• Enables the extension to allow outbound calls.
• Deletes all voicemail messages.
• Clears Do Not Disturb (DND) status.
• Updates phonebook files for IP Phones.
• Re-provisions supported IP Phones.

Check Out Operations

• Sets name to blank to show that there is no one in the room.
• Disables outbound calls on extension.
• Deletes all voice mail messages and recordings.
• Clears the Do Not Disturb (DND) status.
• Updates phonebook files for IP Phones.
• Re-provisions supported IP Phones.

SenSys are 3CX Platinum partners
Hotsoft 8 logo - lego pieces in triangle shate

Wake-up Calls

The system allows for wake up calls to be scheduled. This can be set by the guest from the room without the receptionist’s intervention. The guest calls a Wake-Up call service IVR, and follows the prompts to set a wake-up call. At the scheduled time, the system will call the guest and play a predefined message when the guest answers the call. Wake up calls can also be scheduled via PMS.


The system will log calls from each room and show call costs based on the costs configured in the 3CX Phone System Management Console.
The system can output a configurable Call Data Record (CDR) for each call. The CDR can be sent to a separate text file (one call per text file), to a text file containing all calls, or to a TCP port. For each case, the exact format can be customized.

Set Room Status

This function allows cleaners to set the status of the room via the phone. The maid status message is triggered by a call from the room in question and by entering the special feature code.

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