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SenSys Launch New Brand & Logo

Posted by:Lesley Anne Quinn onSeptember 7, 2020

SenSys | Smart Network Technology rebrands to SenSys Technology Group.

During the past six years, SenSys Technology set up as IP and IT Network company specialising in smart business technology solutions. In the course of this time, our services evolved to also deliver smart networks, security and AV solutions.

Our 2020 rebrand symbolises our innovation and growth.

Old Logo & Tagline:



New SenSys Technology Group logo:

We chose to have one umbrella group represent the convergence and integration between each unit.

The SenSys Technology Group logo is the parent of our family of logos.

We have realigned our icon and reduced the gap in SenSys Technology Group to symbolise the group coming closer together and becoming more cohesive.

Additionally, it was decided to break out our group into sub-brands to allow specific tech teams within each to focus on their specific speciality meanwhile working as one SenSys Group to deliver connected integrated solutions.  Each logo is represented by a combination of an icon – company name – focus area.

Our USP (unique selling point) and a winning feature on projects has been the fact that SenSys offers multiple IT technology solutions eliminating or reducing the number of contractors a business has to deal with – the end goal being better integration between these tech systems.

New design perspective focuses on colours, icons and typography

  • Colours – Our original teal colour palette has been extended to include secondary colour pallets, each representing a business breakout area.
  • Each of these areas has it’s own colour displayed in the icon and its own colour featured in the logo.
  • The icon for our parent logo has been realigned with the gap reduced to symbolize the group coming closer together and becoming more cohesive.
  • Typography is consistent throughout all of our group.


Managing Director, Ben Killeen says

For the next 5 years our goal is €10m recurring revenue. The group and each specialist area allows us focus on innovation in each area to grow its short and medium term goals.


The original brand guidelines and assets were created by Niamh Harman.  Our new brand logos and guidelines were the first project for our new in-house digital designer, Jemma Johnston.

SenSys Technology Group Brand guidelines are attached here.

SenSys Technology Group is already hiring and recruiting within each specialist area and overall group to help us achieve and deliver our strategic plan.


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