SenSys Lease Care

SenSys Lease Care

What is SenSys Lease Care

SenSys Lease Care is the latest and most simple solution for businesses and organisations, we provide our customers with the very latest network technology, wireless technology or security system technology at a manageable, fixed fee per month. SenSys Lease Care delivers peace of mind that your business won’t experience any unforeseen bills or down time. This means your business can take advantage of no capital outlay for using the latest technology that is always under warranty, maintained and supported by the SenSys Care team.

Benefits of SenSys Lease Care for businesses

  • 100% finance on equipment with monthly/quarterly re-payments.
  • Affordable rates and funding.
  • No need for a large, upfront capital outlay.
  • Tax efficient
  • All warranty, maintenance, technical support and upgrades are included.
  • Pro-active network and equipment monitoring.
  • Easy budgeting with clear visibility of fixed monthly payments.
  • Online application, no paperwork.
  • Complete use of the technology systems straight away as you would with paying up front.
  • Flexible and tailored package to suit your business.

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