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Tribeton restaurant CCTV, WIFI, IP Phone and workforce management system.

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Posted by: Ben Killeen – Managing Director, SenSys Technology Ltd.

Tribeton – Galway’s newest and trendiest restaurant and bar chooses SenSys Technology to deliver Intelligent Wi-Fi, HD CCTV technology, IP Telephone system & a Cloud Based Workforce management system, on one true integrated and converged network.

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The requirement:

The client had a technology requirement to help manage and run a successful business, improve efficiency, increase security and provide the best customer dining and entertainment experience possible.

The client called on the team at SenSys Technology to provide broadband, high definition CCTV, Staff networks, Guest WiFi, IP Telephone system and a workforce management system that could provide the best technological advantages yet fit the carefully designed 5 star surroundings. With an endless amount of contractors and list of jobs to do, Tribeton chose SenSys technology to manage and provide an end-to-end network solution.

Fast, Robust Wi-Fi and networking:

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SenSys Technology provided a converged Cisco Meraki network solution & Cisco Meraki cloud managed access points, with a secure staff network and complimentary guest WiFi access. We integrated the Cisco Meraki guest WiFi with the Tribeton Facebook page. This requires guests to like or check in at Tribeton on Facebook to gain complimentary super-fast WiFi access. Guests liking and sharing the Facebook page means their Facebook friends can see the Tribeton guest reviews of the service, food, drink and establishment. This is free on-going social media marketing using an innovative SenSys integrated WiFi solution. As the Cisco Meraki WiFi solution is cloud managed it means no on-site controller or WiFi management console and the SenSys team can provide on-going & pro-active maintenance, support and free future software upgrades which are automatically pushed to the access points seamlessly.

High Definition, Intelligent and aesthetically discreet CCTV:

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SenSys Technology provided a high definition CCTV system with intelligent video analytics to protect the building and stock. The requirement was to provide crystal clear, high definition CCTV images both day and night, yet the cameras needed to be aesthetically pleasing, discreet and fit with the restaurants and bars impressive décor. For internal CCTV cameras we achieved this with micro dome cameras. The HD micro dome cameras are the size of a golf ball; all 24 internal micro dome cameras give full coverage, and yet are so discreet they go un-noticed. The external cameras are fitted with infrared lighting and built in detection analytics. The cameras protect the exterior of the building while being remotely monitored around the clock by the SenSys state of the art monitoring station. The remote monitoring protects the buildings assets and the advanced video analytics on the cameras notifies the monitoring station if a person is detected in the region of interest. This allows the monitoring station to prevent theft or vandalism to the building and also notify the Gardai or keyholders when needed.

Panasonic IP Phones & Blueface VOIP.


On the SenSys converged network, there is a mix of 8 fixed and wireless IP phones. Operated through a cloud based PBX it allows complete flexibility, scalability and is future proof. As the IP telephone system is cloud managed, there is no on-site PBX, server or software allowing for easy on-going support and updates. Voice over IP transmits calls over the internet, providing high quality voice and eliminating traditional phone line and costly line rental. The cloud based PBX allows easy management of internal transfers, diverts, virtual receptionist and much more functionality. One of the major benefits of this VOIP solution is low call costs compared to traditional telephone plans.

SenSys workforce management solution with ACT Cloud.

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SenSys made it easy for Tribeton to manage 40+ staff with changing rosters, hours and annual leave. We provided the SenSys workforce management terminal with a biometric reader using the ACT cloud. The Tribeton HR manager uses the managers online browser based dashboard to view realtime employee time and attendance data, upload rosters online to the employee self service portal. The employee self service portal allows the staff to check there holidays, time worked, apply for leave and much more. SenSys provided integration with the clients payroll software.

Client testimonial:

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“The team at SenSys Technology removed the headache of us dealing with our IT network and security systems at Tribeton. SenSys provided us with an end-to-end converged network and security system that incorporated, Data, IP Phones, WiFi and high definition CCTV with remote monitoring. Having SenSys Technology as our one point of contact for all network and security system requirements makes sense from a cost and service point of view. SenSys Technology delivered the project on-time, on budget and to a high standard – Paddy, Fringe Holdings.”

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