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Cloud Managed WiFi

Cloud Managed WiFi

Cloud Managed WiFi

Cloud management makes it easy to deploy, scale, and manage networks from anywhere.

  • Easily scale from a single access point to thousands across multiple locations with nothing to configure on site
  • Customize unique public and private networks with 4 SSIDs per network
  • Get over-the-air ongoing updates and feature enhancements with scheduled maintenance that minimizes disruptions

Manage and monitor your networks in real time. Even on the go.

  • A single pane of glass provides full visibility to the entire network: access points, switches, users, and devices (including operating system, nearest AP, connection performance and more)
  • Get full control of your network as you switch seamlessly between the full web version and the free iOS and Android apps
  • Monitor bandwidth and deep packet inspection
  • Control access with upload and download throttles or block abusers
  • Receive automated outage emails to alert you when a device is down
  • For switches, remotely power cycle ports, set VLANS and PoE budgets, view power consumption and more

Integrate to the tools you love and customize your WiFi for an experience your users will love.

  • Design the user experience with a built-in splash page editor with mobile-friendly templates
  • Set pay-for-use options and collect secure payments through PayPal
  • Enable customers to check in using Facebook WiFi
  • Generate unique WiFi vouchers in real time
  • Connect to a third-party captive portal or advertising platform, or a hotel property management system

The security you deserve and the reliability your users demand.

  • No user traffic is sent to the cloud
  • Built-in firewall prevents users on the public network from seeing each other or your wired network
  • Lives in secure and reliable data centers backed by AWS with global distribution and over 99.9% uptime
  • If a device loses connection, your networks aren’t affected; when a connection is re-established, devices will check in to report usage and download any updates
  • Robust user management with two-factor authentication and audit logging

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