Monetize your WiFi

Cloud Managed WiFi

Monetize your WiFi

When guests visit your establishment, they expect to have reliable, fast WiFi and it better be free!

Free, reliable and fast WiFi will ensure happy customers who leave good reviews and return time and time again. One of the biggest complaints on review sites such as trip advisor for Irish hotels, retail stores and hospitality establishments is Bad WiFi!

So why is it that so many Irish businesses still provide un-reliable and slow WiFi? Because the only thing that is worse than no WiFi is slow WiFi.

Good WiFi systems make money, so how do we improve the business opportunity in upgrading our WiFi systems?

Social media

WiFi systems should allow guests and users easy login for internet access without the need to enter a 20-digit code. Social media login for internet access will mean your customers gain fast internet access while ‘liking and sharing’ your social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and google.

Social media logins increase your following and allows you a larger audience to promote special offers and good reviews.

Learn more about your customers

With centralised WiFi analytics suite you can track new and returning customer visits to your venue. Count how many people where in your establishment even if they were not logged into your WiFi.

Direct marketing

Send special offers and coupons directly to customer’s mobile devices and influence there spending habits. Advertise on your customers social media pages ensuring they don’t buy from elsewhere.

Eliminate bad reviews

Increase ratings on review sites such as trip advisor, ensures tourists and business travellers don’t pass your door because of poor Wi-Fi access.

Monetize your free Wi-Fi

Providing free Wi-Fi will no longer be an unwanted cost for your business. By increasing social media followership, increasing sales, marketing and good reviews it now makes sense to provide the best WiFi access in town and encourage customers to connect.

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